Current History of Golarion

During the war the surface of Golarion was horribly damaged and heated up. What was left of the population retreated north to the Crown of the World when the glaciers melted, but the war continued until few mortals existed and the planes were devastated. During the war the fighting, gods waxed and waned in power. The fighting lessened as the destruction became nearly total, all of the other planes and even most of the extent of the material plane, of all the multiverse only the material plane remains and only parts of Golarion still exist. The remaining gods made a truce (the Godmoot), but all still is not right in the world. With the destruction of many of the gods, who had duties to take care of aspects of the universe, the world does not work the same as before. The remaining gods have picked up most of the duties, but not everything was put back the same as before. The Fae have all died out with the First World (including those races tied to the Fae), all of the other planes and most extraplanar beings (angels and demons) have been destroyed (some have survived on the material realm; but are vulnerable as beings of pure spirit), all beasts (including herbivores) are always aggressive towards the mortal races (Abadar maintains subserviance of domestic animals only), the spirits of the dead walk the night (there is no deity of death to guide the spirits to rest, nor a place for eternal rest), the seas are constantly stormy and hard to navigate, much magical and technological lore was lost. Most of the races dwindled when their creator deities died, but not all races were tied to only one deity (or their creator survives) and they endure.

Only a few deities remain:

Abadar – The Gold-Fisted – LN
Gorum – Our Lord in Iron – CN
Lamashtu – Mother of Monsters – CE
Sarenrae – The Dawnflower – NG
Torag – Father of Dwarvenkind – LG
Yamatsumi- The Mountain Lord- N
Zelishkar – The Bitter Flame – NE

With the near entire destruction of Golarion during the war, the remaining lands are overcrowded. Explorers have been searching for signs of new lands, while the priests look for divine guidance. Some explorers, following portents from the gods, have brought news that an unknown island has been seen, initial reports say that it contains ruins from the Thassilons. This is great news as the Runelords of Thassilon were the last to have control of the Starstone, a divine artefact that could raise a mortal to godhood. If the Starstone were to be found, the balance of power would drastically change.

Factions of the survivors are mobilizing to send groups to explore the islands, you are part of one of these groups.

Current History of Golarion

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